Monday, October 20, 2008

Poem Big Love October 20 2008

Big Love
Is bigger
Than us
Bigger than a yellow school bus
Bigger than hurt
Bigger than the Sahara desert
Bigger than you
And me
Bigger than a tall
sequoia tree
Big Love is
An exquisite trust
Come boom
Or bust
'Tis an absolute must
Big Love is
an oversize heart
That pumps loud and clear
Is lungs
Full of air
And not of fear
Is life turned art
Not science
Not math
Tis a big wide path!
Big Love
Is cream filled
Apple tart
Is rich w cinnimon
Warm and full
Big Love
Is no bull
Its...Sweet not bitter
Moist not dry
A mouthful
Of cherry pie
A swallow
Of humble pie

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