Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poem ~ Trinity October 16, 2008

The light
Comes on
When the darkest
Moments come
And one's sight
Is bleakest
The music is not done
If one listens
When one is weakest
And permits the heart
To ache
And lies down in that
Dank place
And feels its rich and real pain
For His sake
Full in the face
There is at once
A smaller you
Yet a larger peace
Ever so shy
For the wounds will not
At first cease
Yet if one can breathe
And listen with the soul's ear
(Not the eye)
That remains yet open
Despite the fear
And the lonely, still hole
In ones heart
You will hear
Another voice, Holy
And calm
Saying Live On
Dear one Dear
Live on
Breathe in
And you and your heart
Will win
Breathe out
And learn to be
For I am in you
And I yet remain
Live beyond doubt
Let me your throne reclaim
Be this hour alone
And as your King
Together we will triumph
A fellowship of the ring
For suffering can not
be run from.
And I have known suffering
But I will never be far
From the stark hero
you are
I will always be here
To conquer your arthritic fear
For I am new
And I am you
Just be now
With me
Pray my child
As Father with son
For then,
meek and mild
We make three

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