Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poem ~ Return


Go back
Far back
To that moment
Of pain and loneliness
That cold jail cell
Of isolation
Of life without a map
Lost, unloved
Stay there
Close your eyes
Feel the moment
Then feel more
What was it like?
What was happening
And where
And why?
The tears
The wrenching guts
The howling emptiness
Did it make sense?
Was it part of a mystery
A tragedy or a drama?
Return to that place
To the dizzy circus of life
To the ritual of noise
Smudge lipsticked clowns
The trapeze
The tight rope of life
Are you up there
On that bouncing cord?
Almost falling off
Into the lit ring of death
Far below?
Can you remember
What is was like?
To hold on
For dear life?
How it made you feel?

Return there
Then breathe
And lie down and stay
And listen
Listen still more
Let go the voices of thinking
And feeeeeeeel…..
Is God there?
What would He say to you
In that song of sadness
What would He sing to you
Can you hear Him?
Can you still your beating heart
Your throbbing head
Long enough
Your aching soul
To feel all that
Can you hear His deep
Father’s voice
What is He saying to you?
If He could?
If he is?
If you could speak for Him
And let His words wash over you
What would they be?
What are the sentences
that might set you free?

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