Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poem - The Riddle

Isn't life grand
That in the midst of solving our life's riddle
One discovers
Pieces of the puzzle
That help us understand
Our mortal coil
And free us
If we dare
From any stagnant soil
For God's intent
Is to help us rid
Our festering discontent
By living lives that He meant
As soldiers of His highest will.
We sharpen our soul's weapons
By healing compassion
For our own thick scar
So instead of repeating
The dance of pain
For who we think we are
We rub clean the wound
With love's refrain
And wisdom's words
sing loud and clear
We all are broken
By childhood fear
For the dark thunder of life
Has dyed this old stain
But new lightening
Will come without sound
And ghosts and goblins will disappear
Below the dry ground
He has prepared
Us for a new day
And brings power for which
No one has dared
Throw away
One simple gift
That He loves us
And we can finally love Him
And ourselves
By letting the light shine in
By letting the light shine in

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