Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poem October 26, 2008

Mid-summer Night’s Dream

The wakened state of dreams
Is not as it seems
but that which we might relate
as if on solitary date
with our mirrored self
and the familiar ghosts we dance with
Each day
As we go about solving the problems
Of the world
They haunt us
Yet without our knowing
As if at summer’s camp
It is snowing
Inside our head
Cool white and gray flakes
Alert, alive, distracted if not dead
Hypnotized still
Touching and nudging
Soul rather than Will
Hinting and squinting
We look for God’s mark
Whispering to us
To redeem
By ourselves, freely left alone
To dream
In the borrowed light
Suspended between
Right and wrong
Mortal skin and bone
Sing soliloquy
To think, to stir, to awake
to our spirit’s eternal song
Yet in the creeping dark
Of our own blurred sight
We yet sleep, again
Knowing not where we belong

(Nick L October 26, 2008)

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